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Solar Control Glass Tinting Co.

At Solar Control Company we are committed to offer high- quality sun protection solutions to our clients customized to their living or work environment.

Since its inception in 1975 to this day Solar Control Company hold customer satisfaction and professional service at its core.
Please explore our website, as it is design to offer you concrete solutions for you specific solar concerns.

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Our longevity is based upon great products & workmanship

Solar Control Glass Tinting Company has been providing quality products and workmanship to the Greater San Francisco Bay area since 1975. Our goal is to work with our client s problems and offer creative solutions to attain customer’s absolute satisfaction. Producing clients that are raving fans of our product line and services is our ultimate goal. Our professional installation team is trained and equipped to carry out any installation of virtually any size, from the smallest residential window to a multi-story commercial application. Our staff strives to provide the highest level of service available. Our promise to you is that we will pay careful attention to the smallest details and have the utmost regard for your belongings.

We are proud of our close associations with CPFilms’s Vista & Beakert’s Panorama Architectural Film lines. Vista & Panorama films are the premier brand of architectural window films in North America. The excellent optical clarity, quality construction and wide range of application solutions make these film the favorite among interior designers, architects, and museum curators.

Bay Area Non-Reflective Window Films

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  • They reflect the heat while allowing the visible light to enter, permitting a clear view both day and night.
  • Non-reflective films will not fade, bubble, oxidize or turn purple.
  • 99% UV protection reducing the main rays that cause fading.
  • Up to 98% infrared light rejection (IR) - the main cause of heat.
  • Non-reflective films will not fade, bubble, oxidize or turn purple.
  • Ceramic films help hold shattered glass together.
  • They utilize advanced nanotechnology similar to the tiles used on the NASA space shuttle to dissipate heat.
  • Non-reflective's have lasting superior durability and are non corrosive.
New Vista Non-reflective Ceramic and High Performance window films stop more heat and protect the interior of your home or business with a clearer view over traditional dyed, reflective or dual-reflective films.

Earthquake Protection

In California, periodic earthquakes are a fact of life and a substantial number of earthquake related injuries and even deaths are related to broken glass. We have a window film solution that helps strengthen the glass and thus minimizes the possibility that broken glass will cause an injury during the inevitable next earthquake or other unexpected event.

This solution can be applied to homes increasing the safety of your loved ones or it can be applied to commercial buildings improving the safety of your employees and passersby. Because of the strength of this line of films they also provide protection from theft, vandalism, acts of terrorism and other actions that could result in broken glass. On top of all of the security protection provided these films also help control heat and glare.

Applying this solution can also result in lower insurance premiums, ask your insurance agent!
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